RIE provides Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (M&E) Solution, Building and Construction Solution. Including the Design supply and Installation of Air-conditioning and Mechanical ventilation systems, Electrical and ELV systems, Sanitary and Plumbing Systems and Fire Protection Systems.

Our Services


ACMV System

RIE is Provider ACMV (Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation) System is a cooling system designed to give proper ventilation to a specific environment also customized air conditioning system installed in any industrial, commercial or household setup.


Fire Protection system

We are providing fire protection System. Our company specializes in design, installation, skilled labour, services and maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment.

We Offer Comprehensive Fire Protection System and Our Range of Services Are As Follow:

  • Suppression Sprinkler System
  • Gas Suppression System – FM200
  • Hose Reel System
  • Fire fighting Equipment
  • Fire Alarm System
  • FSSD Submission

Sanitary & Plumbing

Hot and Cold Water System Installation

Pipe Fitting Installation Works

Multiple Bathroom and Toilet Fitting Installation

Sump Pump and Water Leak Detection System

PUB and Private Meter Installation


Electrical & ELV System

RIE Provide Complete Security, connectivity and communication are critical parts in every business environment.

Taking these into account, we extend our service in the ELV system to meet the requirements and regulation.

Our Range of ELV System Service Are As Follows:

  • Data and Telephone Cabling Installation System
  • Public Address System
  • Server and Patch Panel Installation
  • CCTV
  • Security and Door Access System

Design & Consultancy

RIE design and build expertise adopts a whole system approach that helps clients realise the maximum potential of site design and building infrastructure while meeting the project’s other requirements. We offer value to our clients by utilising cost and value engineering throughout the planning, design and development process. Economic analysis is applied to evaluate design alternatives that offer the most efficient solution.


Servicing & Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive range of building maintenance services programs tailored to suit your specific need. With years of experiences, we proud ourselves are able to provide majority of building service and maintenance to the electrical system, ACMV system, fire protection system, plumbing & sanitary system and ELV system, Chill water system, Chiller and Cooling Tower System, VRV, Sump Water Pump System.